Do you Know the Troubleshooting of Transparent Level Gauge?

Jan. 14, 2021

As a Level Gauge Glass Manufacturer, I would like to share with you.

Routine inspection of level gauge and troubleshooting methods, suitable for magnetic flap level gauge, two-color quartz tube level gauge, glass tube level gauge, etc.

1. First check whether the power supply is connected correctly. If the connection method is found to be incorrect, modify it according to the operation manual.

2. Use a three-voltmeter to measure the voltage between +24V and O/P. The voltage should be between 13V and 36V. If the voltage is abnormal, check whether the circuit or related equipment is abnormal.

3. The second item should be confirmed to be normal, and then a milliamp meter should be connected to the 4~20MA circuit to check whether the current is normal. If the current value is abnormal, replace it with a new product or contact customer service personnel.

Transparent Level Gauge

Transparent Level Gauge

4. Use a voltmeter to check the voltage between IN and COM. Normally, it should be about 2.5V. If the voltage is too low, remove the EXC wire to see. If the voltage returns to normal, it means that the magnetic yellow module is abnormal. If the power is still low It means the signal converter is damaged. If you find the above phenomenon, you should replace the signal converter according to the actual situation or contact customer service personnel.

The float ball drops to the bottom and the flag board has not returned to zero. The flag board cannot keep up with the falling speed of the float ball. A throttling device should be installed to slow down the lifting speed of the liquid level.

The flag plate color chip will not turn over or the color chip is disordered. Make sure that there is no magnetic body around or inside the body tube, and sweep it with a magnet once after removing it to make the colors consistent.

The color chip is turned 360 degrees. The magnetic field of the float is too strong, please contact the customer service staff to replace the float.

The proximity switch does not work. Check whether the switch is operating normally with an electric meter. When the magnet is close, the contact should be on and the resistance should be less than 300MΩ. After the magnet is removed, the switch should be open and the resistance should be above 10MΩ. If the above requirements are not met, replace it New proximity switch.

How to connect the two wires of the signal converter of the float continuous level indicator to the indicator, please follow the operation manual to connect the 24V terminal of the signal converter to the +24V terminal of the indicator, and the O/P of the signal converter After receiving the AI terminal of the indicator, if it still fails to operate normally after power-on, please contact the customer service staff.

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