Why Borosilicate Glass Is Suitable For Sight Glasses And Gauge Glass

Dec. 31, 2020

Borosilicate glass mainly refers to toughened (tempered) borosilicate glass. It is a type of glass whose main components are SiO2 and B2O2. It has high working temperature, considerable thermal shock resistance and excellent resistance to chemical attacks.

Borosilicate glass has a very low coefficient of thermal expansion, which can withstand high thermal shock, and the glass surface changes very little with temperature. It is the first choice for precision instruments.

Why Borosilicate Glass Is Suitable For Sight Glasses And Gauge Glass

Borosilicate sight glass contains few ferrous ions and has no obvious absorption in the visible spectral region, so it appears clear, transparent and colorless. It can be used as an observation window for effective and intuitive observation, so it is widely used.

Borosilicate sight glass can be processed into flat (such as round, square, special-shaped) glass, and it can also be processed into tubular glass. The flat glass can be polished, drilled, chamfered, and heat treated.

The products are widely used in photovoltaic technology, the outer cover of high-power floodlights, Level Gauge Glass and sight glasses in the chemical industry, medicine and analytical engineering, and used in boilers, kilns, and observation glasses for various high-temperature equipment.

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