How to choose a suitable level bubble?

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The spirit level bubble is a tool used by workers in the industry to determine whether the equipment is installed horizontally or vertically. The liquid in the spirit level vial helps workers to read the measurement value and ensure the correct implementation of the project.

There are various level bubbles on the market, with various colors, materials and designs. As an important tool in project implementation, it is very important to choose a suitable level bubble.

How to choose a suitable level bubble?

As a spirit level bubble manufacturer with many years of experience, I would like to share with you several considerations for choosing a spirit level bubble:

1.Check whether it is easy to read measured value

For different customers, the place where the level bubble is used is different, and the position where the level bubble can be installed is also different, which requires it to have the characteristics of easy to read the measured value at different angles. Also, if a spirit level bubble has a magnifying glass, it is easier to read the measured value.

2.Check whether the measured value is accurate

The indication of a good level bubble should be accurate to within ±5mm, so be sure to ask and check the accuracy before purchasing.

3.Check whether the spirit level bubble is durable

Good durability also means high accuracy of the level bubble. During use, the level bubble will bend and curl, which will affect the accuracy of the measurement. Choosing a level with good durability means that you can use it for a longer time.

4.Some other factors

Of course, the choice of a spirit level bubble should also consider the needs of your working environment. For a high temperature or corrosive environment, a plastic spirit level is certainly not the first choice.

In general, after the above conditions are met, you can basically choose a suitable level. If you still have questions, you can contact us to consult which level bubble that suits you.

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