Types and working principles of glass spirit level vial

Mar. 31, 2022

Level vials are also called bubble level vials, which are widely used to test whether the installation of various construction machinery and equipment is horizontal or vertical. There are many kind of bubble level vials of different shapes and materials. Materials include glass, metal, plastic, and shapes include round, tubular, curved, block, etc. For different types of spirit level, the application is also different.

The glass spirit level vial is a high-quality bubble level vial. Compared with the low-cost plastic vials, the characteristics of the glass material enable the glass spirit level vial to be used in applications with higher precision.

Working principles of glass spirit level vial

The glass level vial is composed of a glass outer covering and an unfilled inner liquid. The curved surface of the inner wall has a certain curvature. There are also symmetrically displayed scales on the glass level vial. When the level vial is tilted, the bubble in the level vial moves to the rising side, and it determined whether it is horizontal by seeing whether the bubble is within the scale range.

Types of glass spirit level vial

1.Tubular spirit level

For the tubular glass level, the accuracy of use is higher, and the sensitivity can reach 2 second

Types and working principles of glass spirit level vial

2.Circular spirit level

Made of borosilicate glass, the liquid colors are green, red and transparent.

Types and working principles of glass spirit level vial

3.Bent spirit level

Bent spirit level vials can be used for leveling and measuring angles. They are generally less sensitive than ground vials.

Types and working principles of glass spirit level vial

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