What is the Difference Between Mica Sheet and Mica Board?

May. 20, 2021

As a Mica Gaskets Manufacturer, share it with you.

Sometimes mica flakes and mica boards are the same. For example, the mica flakes in Guangdong are called mica flakes; the correct statement: mica flakes generally refer to natural mica flakes

Mica board is a plate-shaped material made of mica paper made of natural mica slag impregnated with resin and hot pressed. It has nothing to do with the thickness. The general temperature resistance of mica is 500-1000 degrees;

Mica Gaskets

Mica Gaskets

Natural mica gasket is a kind of high temperature resistant insulating material, which can be used for a long time at 800℃. It has good mechanical properties, heat resistance and insulation electrical properties, large volume resistivity,

The dielectric loss is good. It has the advantages of no layering, no cracking, no deformation, etc. during processing and punching. Asbestos board has strong resistance to tension and pressure. It can withstand about 1400°C! It can be used for insulation, heat preservation and sound insulation, boilers, steel plants, chemical plants, aluminum casting plants, etc. and general electrical appliances.

For example, when a microwave oven heats food such as fish and meat, the oil, protein preparations and other food fragments splashed at high temperature stick to the mica sheet, and behind the mica sheet is the magnetron microwave transmitter, which is the "heating source". There are these dirt on the chip, the first thing to heat up the microwave as soon as it is emitted, because it is too close to the "heat source", these things are easy to scorch and burn through the mica chip over time. Without this layer of mica flakes, food residue enters the magnetron through the back cavity, which will cause damage to the magnetron. Therefore, when heating food in a microwave oven, pay attention to the cleanliness of the inside of the microwave oven and wipe it frequently.

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