How Many Coating Methods are Available on the Surface of Optical Glass?

Mar. 30, 2021

As a Glass Lab Manufacturer, share with you.

Coating is to coat a very thin transparent film on the surface to reduce light emission. There are many production methods for coated glass, mainly including vacuum magnetron sputtering method, vacuum evaporation method, chemical vapor deposition method and sol-gel method.

Optical Glass Blanks

Optical Glass Blanks

1. Magnetron sputtering coated glass can design and manufacture multi-layer complex film system by using magnetron sputtering technology, which can plate a variety of colors on the white glass substrate. The film has good corrosion resistance and wear resistance, which is suitable for production. And one of the more used products.

2. There is a certain gap between the variety and quality of vacuum evaporation coated glass and magnetron sputtering coated glass, which has been gradually replaced by vacuum sputtering.

3. The chemical vapor deposition method is to introduce reaction gas into the float glass production line to decompose on the hot glass surface, and evenly deposit on the glass surface to form coated glass. The method is characterized by low equipment investment, easy control, low product cost, good chemical stability, and thermal processing. It is one of the more promising production methods.

4. The sol-gel method for producing coated glass has a simple process and good stability. The disadvantage is that the product's light transmittance is too high and the decoration is poor.

There are specific requirements for optical constants, and it has the characteristics of high transmission in the visible region and no selective absorption and coloring. According to the size of Abbe number, it is divided into coronal type and flint type glass, and each type is divided into several types according to the refractive index, and they are arranged in order according to the refractive index. Mostly used as lenses, prisms, mirrors, etc. of telescopes, microscopes, cameras, etc.

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