Aohong level gauge graphite gasket

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For many gaskets, they can only withstand a certain temperature and cannot be used for high temperature applications. For example, nitrile gaskets can be used up to 95°C, and silicone and PTFE can be used up to 200°C and 260°C, respectively. Therefore, for high temperature applications, graphite gaskets are a good choice.

Characteristics of graphite:

Graphite is a type of carbon and is an inert material, which makes it resistant to chemical reactions with many substances at high temperatures. Graphite can withstand high temperatures from -240 degrees Celsius to 510 degrees Celsius, and high pressures of 2000psi. In addition, graphite also has a low coefficient of friction, which makes the graphite material easily adapt to the load force when the flange face is tightened as a gasket. High-purity graphite flakes become brittle, so. High-purity graphite sheets are usually reinforced with metal inserts to ensure the strength of the graphite gasket.

Aohong Level Gauge Graphite Gasket:

We can provide various types of liquid level gauge glass graphite gaskets, and can print logos according to customer requirements.

Aohong level gauge graphite gasket

Aohong has more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing and selling glass gaskets for liquid level gauges. We can customize graphite gaskets of models and materials according to customer requirements. If you need graphite gaskets for liquid level gauges, you can contact our sales.

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