The difference between quartz glass and ordinary glass

Mar. 29, 2022

With the continuous development of society, the continuous advancement of technology, and people's high-quality requirements, there are more and more types of glass. Quartz glass is a special glass produced by the development of the times. But do you know the difference between quartz glass and ordinary glass, and what are the advantages? Here I will introduce to you:

The main difference between quartz glass and ordinary glass is that the composition is different. Quartz glass is mainly made of silicon dioxide, while ordinary glass contains more other components, such as sodium silicate, calcium silicate, etc.

1.Quartz glass is more transparent

Compared with ordinary glass, quartz glass is more transparent, and has better light transmission performance in the entire spectral range, and the light transmission rate is as high as 92%.

2.Quartz glass is more resistant to high temperature

Quartz glass has good thermal stability, can withstand huge temperature changes, and can be used for a long time at high temperatures of 1100 degrees Celsius or even higher, while ordinary glass is easy to crack.

3.Quartz glass is more resistant to corrosion

Quartz glass hardly reacts chemically with other acid substances except hydrofluoric acid, and has extremely strong chemical stability.

4.Quartz glass has better insulation performance

The resistance value of quartz glass is tens of thousands of times larger than that of ordinary glass, and it is a good insulating material.

These excellent properties of quartz glass also show that it is often used in places with special requirements. We provide a variety of quartz glass products, welcome to contact us.

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