What Should you Know About Reflective Level Gauges?

Dec. 19, 2020

As a Level Gauge Glass Manufacturer, share with you. There are two types of glass level gauges: reflective and transparent. Reflective liquid level gauges are widely used in liquid level measurement in specific containers. The principle is based on the different reflectivities of steam and liquid.

Reflective liquid level gauge is also called square level gauge, it provides clear water level picture boundaries. This reduces the risk of distortion or reading area. For this reason, the reflective level gauge can be installed at a squint angle or a vertical position, and can even provide higher reading accuracy and better reliability. As you can imagine, this will greatly benefit many industries.

Reflex Level Gauge

Reflex Level Gauge

The reflection type liquid level gauge detects the difference in reflectivity between steam and liquid, and has flexibility. Multiple liquid level gauge sections can be combined to expand the observation area.

The reflection type liquid level gauge is also extremely flexible. Combining multiple liquid level gauge sections together can realize the observation area expansion. Not only that, the reflective level gauge can be applied to many occasions, including feedwater heaters, deaerators, boiler drums and other types of tanks.

For a reflective level gauge, in the liquid cavity and behind the single piece of glass, there is a liquid column that applies pressure to the level gauge body. The outer surface of this glass is flat, and its inner surface has a series of prism grooves facing the vapor and liquid spaces. Based on whether light enters the vapor or liquid space, it is detected whether it is reflected or absorbed.

Once the light hits the surface of a groove in the steam space, it reflects from the surface of the groove to the opposite side, and then it will be completely reflected back to the viewing direction. In the liquid state, light is absorbed. The area covered by the liquid produces one display, and the area above the liquid produces another display.

Using prism glass, the reflective liquid level gauge can accurately measure the liquid level in the container. When the light hits the glass without liquid, the prism will reflect the light directly out of the level gauge. Silver is defined as the "dry" area in the display, and black is defined as the "wet" area in the display. Contrasting colors will produce clear contour lines, which makes it easy to view the measurement results.

The composition and design of the transparent level gauge are different from the reflection type level gauge. This level gauge is not of tube type, and contains liquid between two transparent flat glasses. The different transparency of the two media can indicate the height of the liquid level. At the back of the transparent level gauge is a light source whose light is reflected to the observation area, which can read or estimate the measurement results. For most installation situations, transparent level gauges are also suitable.

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