How to Install and Use Glass Plate Level Gauge?

May. 29, 2020

1. Open the package, check that the installation is correct, and the level gauge is intact.

2. If there are multiple valves from the equipment to the liquid level gauge, first open the valves other than the liquid level gauge's own or closest to the liquid level gauge.

3. Slowly open the upper needle valve until it is fully open.

4. Slowly open the lower liquid needle valve until it is fully open.

5. Perform the flushing operation of the liquid level gauge, and eliminate the possibility of blocking the impulse pipe during the flushing.

Glass Plate Level Gauge

Note: When opening the valve and flushing operation, the valve should be opened slowly to prevent blockage caused by the action of the leak-proof device of the level gauge.

How does the glass plate level gauge purge the oil stain on the inner wall?

During the start of construction, the inner wall of the glass plate level gauge was stained with oil, which caused difficulties in observing the liquid level. The way to remove oil pollution is to use the service point of 1.5MPa steam purge.

Wear labor protection articles such as gloves and goggles;

Close the upper and lower outlet valves;

Open the vent and drain valve;

Lead the steam belt from the nearest service point;

Because the glass must be preheated by steam at a long distance, the builder is best to stand high;

Steam is blown into the empty valve, which is removed by the drain valve;

Blow until clean.

In the hydrogenation device, in view of the pressure resistance of the materials manufactured by the glass plate level gauge and the magnetic float level gauge, the glass plate level gauge is used in the low-pressure system part, and the magnetic float level gauge is often used in the high-pressure system part.

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