7 Best Practice Glass Plate Level Gauge Maintenance

Jun. 05, 2020

The glass plate level gauge instrument can be used for the medium level detection of various towers, tanks, spherical vessels and boilers. This series of liquid level gauge can achieve high sealing, anti-leakage and suitable for high temperature, high pressure, corrosion-resistant occasions. It makes up for the defects of poor clarity and easy rupture of the indication of the glass tube liquid level gauge, and there is no blind area in the whole process of measurement, the display is clear and the measurement range is large.

1. There should be no magnetic permeable materials around the glass plate level gauge body, disable iron wire to fix it, otherwise it will affect the normal operation of the level gauge;

2. If users use heat tracing piping by themselves, they must choose non-magnetic materials such as copper tubes. The heating temperature is determined according to the condition of the medium;

3. The glass plate level gauge must be installed vertically for easy maintenance and cleaning;

4. There should be no solid impurities or magnetic substances in the medium of the glass plate level gauge, so as not to cause jamming to the float;

5. According to the condition of the medium, the main duct should be cleaned from time to time to remove impurities;

6. For liquid level gauges exceeding a certain length (common type> 3 m, anti-corrosion type>2 m), it is necessary to increase the middle reinforced flange or ear pans as fixed supports to increase strength and overcome their own weight;

7. The installation position of the glass plate liquid level gauge should avoid or stay away from the inlet and outlet of the material medium, avoid the rapid change of the material fluid local area, and affect the accuracy of the liquid level measurement.

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