The principle structure and characteristics of the magnetic flap level gauge

Sep. 02, 2020

The structure of the magnetic flap level gauge is composed of a float (main duct), a magnetic float, a magnetic flap (magnetic flap column), an indicator, a drain valve, and a connecting flange.

The magnetic flap level gauge is easy to use and has the following outstanding features and advantages:

1. The float is used as the sensing element and the magnetic steel is used to drive the flip indicator, so no energy assistance is required;

2. Through technical measures such as high sealing and leakage prevention, the magnetic flap liquid level can work safely and reliably even in various harsh environments such as low temperature, high temperature, high pressure, and strong corrosion;

3. Because of the high compatibility of the magnetic flap level gauge, it has been widely used in industrial production. It is an ideal choice for tank, tank and other container level measurement.

However, due to the complex working conditions on site, in actual measurement, different types of magnetic flap level gauges are required to adapt to it. At present, the magnetic flap level gauge can be divided into different types according to different standards, such as standard type, economic type, plastic type, lining type, explosion-proof type, insulation type and so on. 

The above-mentioned different types of magnetic flap level gauges also have their own different characteristics:

(1) Plastic type magnetic flap level gauge

It is a commonly used anti-corrosion level gauge. Under the same measuring range, its weight is only 1/5 of the standard magnetic flap level gauge, which is especially convenient for on-site installation. The Flap-11C plastic magnetic flap level gauge is suitable for power plant chemical water treatment, sewage treatment, printing and dyeing industries, and the measurement of other acidic media that are incompatible with PVC/PP.

(2) Flap-11S economical magnetic flap level gauge

Made of 304 stainless steel, it is suitable for most working conditions and level measurement of slightly corrosive liquids. Economical application is its most prominent feature. The float uses a high-quality seamless stainless steel tube with a diameter of 51mm, which effectively avoids the defects of ordinary pipes such as easy leakage, short life and insufficient pressure resistance, and improves product reliability.

(3) Flap-11P lining tetrafluoroethylene anticorrosive magnetic flap level gauge

It is mainly used for the measurement of strong corrosive liquids, suitable for the measurement of strong acids, strong bases, strong oxidants, organic solvents and other media, and is widely used in industries such as chemical industry, oil refining, storage and transportation, and water treatment.

(4) Count as explosion-proof magnetic flap level gauge

It is suitable for situations that require remote transmission of electrical signals in a flammable and explosive environment. In conjunction with a magnetic switch or remote transmitter, it can achieve high and low liquid level alarm actions and remote real-time control of liquid level.

(5) Calculated as a thermal insulation type magnetic flap level gauge

It can be customized according to the specific conditions of the user, including vacuum jacket type, steam jacket type, hot water heating type, jacket cooling type, electric heat tracing heat preservation type, heat preservation cotton heat preservation type, etc., suitable for measuring liquid The measurement of liquids with relatively large viscosity, easy to solidify in winter, and liquid media with relatively low or relatively high temperature.

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