How to ensure the safety of gauge glass for marine boilers

Jan. 29, 2021

Ships inevitably shake when they are traveling, and most ships now use steam boilers to power ships. So how to ensure the safety of the boiler gauge glass when the ship is moving, the display of the instrument is very important.

According to relevant regulations and data, Aohong Gauge Glass believes that at least two water level indicators (gauge glass) are guaranteed for marine boilers. It can better ensure the safety of ships.

Working principle of level gauge

The water level gauge (gauge glass) can visually display the water level in the boiler in the correct working water level area. If the water level is too high, water may flow out of the boiler and severely damage any equipment that receives steam. If the water level is too low, the heat transfer surface may be exposed to high temperatures and fail. Therefore, continuous attention to the boiler water level is essential. Due to the movement of the ship, it is necessary to install a water level gauge at both ends of the boiler to correctly observe the water level.

Installation of gauge glass and boiler level gauge

The top of its installation position is on the side of the steam valve of the boiler, and the bottom is on the side of the water level. When there is the same pressure on both sides, the correct water level is displayed.

How to ensure the safety of gauge glass for marine boilers

In the example picture, the drain cock facilitates manual double closing. The purpose of the ball valve is to cut off the liquid when the glass breaks.

The stopper is used to refresh and clean the glass. The  protective shields is used to prevent glass breakage.


It should be noted that it is necessary to observe the water level at all times and take necessary measures to ensure the safe driving of the ship.

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